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Web support and maintenance

Businesses, like people and technology, grow and evolve so the development of your website should never remain stagnant. Successful websites adapt to their target audience and software updates which is why we offer ongoing support and maintenance to help grow your web project. In short, this is your websites insurance policy against unexpected technical & design issues.

Flexible Support & Maintenance

Flexible support as bespoke as your website. Whether it's design & content creation or technical development work we will build the right support retainer for you, all done by assessing your needs and allocate the right number of hours per month for your updates. You have the choice of three web support and maintenance services.

  1. Technical support & maintenance.

  2. Design & content support, and

  3. A bespoke support & maintenance package.

Our support guaranteed

As part of our commitment to deliver a quality support and maintenance service, our packages are qualified by the number of hours required to complete the monthly technical & design support needed.  Each package starts with a minimum of 5 hrs per month which allows us to guarantee the following...

  • A no obligation monthly subscription

  • Reduced hourly rate for additional work

  • A short turnaround time

  • 10% - 15% off your next website

  • A money back guarantee

See below or contact us for more details.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Technical Support and Maintenance is where we automatically make the relevant updates and renewals based on your website analytics and technological improvements. With this continued support your website is routinely updated to keep on top of any new web developments. This package starts at 5 hours per month and includes 1 hour of phone discussion.

Software upgrades

Digital platforms & web applications require regular updates and software patches, which can often cause websites to glitch or behave unexpectedly. This is where we manage upgrades and automatically fix issues before your website users experience problems.

Security updates

Security is critical to all websites especially those that rely on the storage of user data & payment systems. Our technical support and maintenance contract means we apply security patches on the day, thus keeping your website and its data safe.

Uptime monitoring

We monitor your website and receive instant alerts if its unavailable or doesn't deliver the proper content. If a breach of website security is detected the site can be repaired within 24 hours.

Page speed testing

We complete monthly page speed tests and make the necessary improvements to your website to keep it optimised. Great loading speeds are vital for search engines and good for site visitors.

Web browser testing

The top 4 web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and MS Edge) release updates as frequently as every 6 weeks which often has an effect on how well your website loads. We test monthly and make the relevant upgrades to fix any issues that may arise.

Quick response

We guarantee that if your website is affected by any of the above it will be fixed within 6 working hours or your money back.

P4B Digital - Web Development Kent

Do I need website maintenance?

Your website is frequently monitored by Google and as they account for over 92.58% of the world's internet searches it's important for your website to be well optimised. This means kept up-to-date technologically and with well written content.

If your written content and overall design remains stagnant your target audience will lose interest. Google will recognise less visitors and mark your website as having low relevance because no additional value is being provided to your audience.  The worst case is Google not showing your website due to technical issues, so it's always good to have support & maintenance.

Design & Content Support

Our Design and Content Support option helps you keep the look, feel and content of your website fresh and relevant for your visitors. Perfect for those monthly bank holiday promotions such as New Year's sales, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Black Friday, Christmas, Divali, to name a few. Let us know what design or content changes you want for that week or month and a UI designer will put it into action. This package starts at 5 hours per month and includes 1 hour of phone discussion.

Web design

Development and design work ranging from small web page tweaks to a new page – including minor graphics design.

Content management

We add new or edit existing content such as, text, images, videos, blog posts, product and service changes and other updates.

Keyword rich titles

We review and rewrite title tags, descriptions & website content to attract site visitors with relevant and readable information that will keep users on your website. This will reduce your bounce rate.

Back-end maintenance

The setup and maintenance of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is vital especially as products, services, staff & legislation changes.

Privacy Policy updates

Legal policies change frequently therefore we review all relevant legislation and advise you of any changes our team believe needs updating for you to trade online legitimately.

Quick response

We guarantee to respond to your requests within 6 hours to discuss a strategy for the changes you require to the website, and aim to have them completed within the agreed time frame or your money back.

P4B Digital – Web Design Kent

Focus on your core business

We know it takes time to publish up-to-date content to your website, so send us your updates and we'll do it for you.


We're supporting and maintaining business websites across the UK allowing them to focus on their core business. From one off edits to monthly content, design and technical work needed to keep them relevant online. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

Time to start your project

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