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SEO Online Course


SEO Course Details

Join our live, advanced SEO online course and discover the strategies to take a website's online visibility to the next level. This Search Engine Optimisation course allows you to gain invaluable hands-on experience, access to comprehensive resources, and receive expert guidance as you master the art of SEO. Transform a website into a Google-friendly platform with this advance SEO online course.

Course Offering

One Day Course

15, 30 & 15 minute breaks

10:00 to 16:30

Live SEO online course

Expert tuition

SEO Certificate

6 Modules

Intro & analysing existing sites

Content for SEO

Web design & SEO

Site setup & SEO

Driving traffic

Questions & Answers

Learn Smarter

Global accessibility

Cost effective learning

Website auditing

1-on-1 discussions

Sustainable learning

Free resources

Lesson Overview

Intro & Analysing an existing site

  • Summary of SEO basics

  • Importance of website speed.

  • Best practices for website architecture.

  • Mobile-friendly design.

  • Using SEO/analytic tools

  • Using Webmaster tools

  • Analysing existing search results

  • Examining Google’s cache

  • Competitor analytics

  • Review of keyword research tools and techniques

Content for SEO

  • Google Panda and Penguin

  • Keyword identification and enriching

  • Defining suitable content

  • Defining keyword competition

  • Defining Theme phrases

  • Improving page focus

  • Structure data mark-up & how to use it.

Web Design for SEO

  • Creating a search engine friendly website

  • URL redirections & when to use them

  • Standards compliant code

  • Site performance and efficiency

  • Finding and repairing broken links

  • Improving SEO using background images with text overlay

Site setup for SEO

  • Managing redirects

  • Duplicate content

  • Multiple domains, domain canonicalisation

  • What is Robots.txt and its purpose in SEO?

  • Sitemap.xml

  • Image and Video sitemap files

Driving Traffic

  • Backlinks & link building

  • Anchor text: When and how to use it

  • Finding broken links

  • Citation with search engines

  • Citation with social media

  • Citation with local directories

  • Local SEO, reviews, referrals & consistency

Questions & Answers

This is a valuable opportunity to participate in a live group Q&A session with your tutor. Benefit from personalised advice and insights, that will give you a greater understanding of this advance SEO online course. Receive actionable solutions tailored to your specific website projects.

Latest Reviews

Peter Foster

June, 8, 2023

I'm a mature student and took the beginners course which was great, so was ready, although a bit hesitant, to take the Advance SEO Online Course but it turned out to be the best decision ever! The course content was in-depth, and the instructor's expertise was impressive. I gained valuable insights into advanced SEO techniques, and now I feel confident in optimising my website.  The tutor even spent extra time online walking me through all the queries I had.  Highly recommended!

Janet Francis

June, 20, 2023

This SEO online course proved to be a good choice. The instructor was patient and catering to our needs. The course materials were alot but excellent, and I have a solid grasp of advanced SEO concepts. It's never too late to learn something new and this instructor, I cant remember his name 😀, made it a rewarding experience!"

Jo Hawkins

July, 3, 2023

OMG, I took that advance SEO online course thingy, and guess what? It was like, totally mind-blowing! The teacher, oh my gosh, so smart and stuff. They taught us all those fancy SEO things, and now I feel like a website guru or something. Y'all should totally try this course. It's the!

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