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Kim Hambi London

This project required an overhaul of the basic on-page SEO, keyword rich content and the build of a robust and user friendly e-commerce process. It’s allowed Kim Hambi London to stand out in the hand crafted luxury natural haircare products industry and delivered improvements in engagement.

The Client


June 2020


  • E-commerce website 

  • Bespoke development

  • Technical SEO

  • Branding

  • Digital marketing strategies

  • Social media integration

  • Web support & maintenance 

About The Client

Kim Hambi is an expert hair stylist whose focus is primarily on the use of natural products. This led to her brand of hair, body and home products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan friendly and ethically sourced.


We discovered that her website was the main reason for the stalling growth. Due to lack of structure, an unintuitive e-commerce system and the fact that it wasn’t geared up for mobile search engine rankings as well as usability. It became clear that we needed a strong digital strategy.

The strategy for success

We researched the client and their industry then determined the primary problems to solve. Then developed a digital plan to solve them.


The bottom line was that we had to redesign a failing e-commerce website, increase engagement and boost sales. Simply designing a better looking website wasn't going to achieve this, we had to review the written content.


We redeveloped the e-commerce procedure so customers can find the products they wanted within 2 to 3 clicks. The websites products and stock management was fully integrated with social media API's for ease of stock management.


Since launch, the improved booking process and updated CMS has led to a more rewarding user experience that's frequently remarked upon. And most importantly, there has been a significant increase in purchases that had previously stagnated.

Colour scheme

The brand identity was developed along with the client who had previously designed a website and we agreed it required significant changes to give the products a premium feel.













A new brand identity

The old logo was very bland, and lacked that touch of professional creativity. We knew that this would be the first step to establishing Kim Hambi London as the luxury brand they are.

We created the new brand with a new colour scheme, typography, tone of voice and logo. Then we expanded these elements into the web design to create a full brand identity that balanced a luxury feel with quality.

Personality and style

The new brand identity needed to feel high end, but also approachable, matching both their luxury hair care products and the personal touch to their service.

The new brand had a high end and luxury feel which reflected the Kim Hambi London brand values of splendour, but an approachable brand.

01. The Office

02. Video

03. Letterhead

04. Printed glass

A clear message 

A better looking web design wasn't going to be enough to bring in business. So we focused on improving the user experience, overhauled the on-page SEO and updated the website with keyword rich written content for a clearer message and to make it search engine friendly.

The user experience

As an e-commerce website that focused on natural hair and beauty products we felt it was important for the websites wireframes to be driven by the users journey and experience. The mobile phone experience had to match the convenience of laptop/PC & tablet as over 60% of their target audience visited from a phone or similar device. Knowing what prominent devices the target audience was coming from was vital to the development of the user experience and this becomes more evident when you see the results below.