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Chef Nemo

Chef Nemo had a loyal but ageing customer base and needed to attract a new clientele. Their old, tired and non-responsive website was unsupported and desperately needed a redesign that was based around Conversion Rate Optimisation, a marketing campaign driven by SEO, and content marketing which saw new leads increase by over 113% within 4 months.

The Client


May 2020


  • E-commerce website 

  • Bespoke design

  • API integration

  • On-page SEO

  • Digital marketing strategies

  • Social media ads

  • Web support & maintenance

About The Client

Chef Nemo is an online fishmonger providing over twenty years of expertise with restaurant grade professionally frozen fish, seafood, meats & poultry

They were facing an issue with their website's e-commerce system, which was outdated and not serving the purpose. The website was failing to convert visitors and the features had stopped working.  The overall look and feel was outdated, indicating that an upgrade was long overdue.​

The strategy

Chef Nemo's brand identity and website needed to give their target audience the confidence to order online.


Chef Nemo wanted to position themselves as a luxury seafood distributor and needed their logo and website style to reflect this. To achieve it, they needed a complete rebranding, as well as a content strategy and an online advertising to establish their brand image and attract customers.


We recommend a comprehensive branding and digital marketing strategy for Chef Nemo to re-establish themselves as a luxury seafood distributor. This will help them attract new customers and increase revenue while retaining their existing customer base.


The rebranding and digital marketing strategy successfully established Chef Nemo as a luxury seafood distributor and attracted new customers. All this resulted in increased website traffic, sales and revenue while retaining their loyal customer base.​

Colour palette

The new brand struck a balance between luxury and approachability, with a sophisticated yet playful design. It effectively communicated Chef Nemo's values and resonated with their target audience.













Creating a personality

The personality of Chef Nemo can be reflected in the logo through various design elements, in this case they wanted to be seen as approachable and family-friendly, the logo featured a more playful and casual colour scheme and a smiling cartoon chef. This conveyed a warm and welcoming feeling to potential customers, which aligns with the desired brand personality.


Ultimately, the logo was designed in a way that accurately represents the personality and values of Chef Nemo, and resonates with their target audience.

01. Delivery box

02. Video

03. Premises

04. Fisherman's scarf

Brand identity

The client was attached to their original animated logo, so we made some tweaks to it. We also added a clear and concise tagline to help their target audience understand the service being provided. After conducting customer research, we developed a brand identity that was well-received by their customers. The visual tone was just right for their target audience, and the owners were thrilled with the end result

The website. 

The new website successfully combines a design that reflects the luxury and style of Chef Nemo's service with a user-friendly interface and clear calls-to-action that facilitate easy purchasing. The design and functionality work in harmony to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

The mobile website

Our research revealed that 73% of web traffic was coming from mobile and tablet devices, so we prioritized the mobile experience. Through extensive UX testing on all versions of the website, we made minor adjustments to ensure that users on all devices could enjoy a fast, intuitive, and easy experience. The end result was a fully optimized website experience across all platforms.